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Ted Rash Woodcrafts

Ted Rash Woodcrafts

47 Punt Road
Barham 2732

Looking for a stunning and unique piece of redwood furniture for your home?

After 51 years in the woodworking industry, Ted Rash Woodcrafts offers a high quality woodworking service that creates magnificent red gum pieces, specific to your requirements.

Although now retired, Ted remains passionate about providing hand-crafted furniture at affordable rates and stays busy working with clients to offer a result that his clients are proud to show off.

He also offers refinishing or repairs for pieces that have suffered damage or wear and tear, to ensure you get the most out of your loved red gum pieces.

If you’re looking for beautiful, unique furniture for your home, give Ted Rash Woodcrafts a call today or have a look at the gallery to see recent works!

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